Order Policy


Order policy shall be applicable to Bishnu Herbal India Private Limited (Herein after known as “Company”). Order policy enables Company to proceed all its orders effectively and efficiently that received on company’s website. It’s the ultimate responsibility for the Company and its direct seller to initiate required process and take all necessary information and documents from client to fulfil those orders.


Order policy applicable to all such orders which has been accepted by the Company.

Placing Orders through the website of the Company


  • First, you visit over company’s website : bishnuherbalindia
  • Select the desired products and then added in the respective cart.
  • Read and understood all the ethics and policies applicable to the Company.
  • Tap the add button next to any item and continue for the shopping.
  • Tap on the cart icon and then add the same in your Shopping cart.
  • Then subsequent step will be involving the items in the Shopping Cart.
  • Choose the method for the payment and then continue.
  • Checkout the order process and then completing the order.

Process of Order are as follows:

The processing of the order shall be as follows:

  • Direct Seller needs to fill & submit order form to the company.
  • After that Registration id is mandatory.
  • Direct Seller needs to payment for product order in company account or he/she can use various channels for payment which is available in direct seller policy.
  • Direct Seller needs to request for product order after payment approval from company.
  • Direct Seller needs to accept all terms & conditions of the company.
  • Then he/she receive order form in his/her id after approval of payment.
  • Then Shipping & Delivery of products as per shipping & Delivery policy.
  • After Shipping the Direct Seller can track his/her products from docket number of shipping (Which is available in his/her id).

Confirmation provided by company of order place by customer

Customers will receive on order confirmation after the order has been sent at the register address for the processing purpose situated at …………………………….

Already placed Order cancellation

Once the order has been placed by the customer, then it will be get cancelled within 24 hours from the date of placing the order. If any order has been placed by the client with regard to the stimulated period, then it shall not be considered by the Company for any purpose whatso ever.

Obligations that need to be performed by Direct Seller while carrying out the performance

  • Direct seller shall ensure that actual product delivered to the buyer matches with the description of the product given.
  • Direct seller takes appropriate steps to ensure the protection of all sensitive personal information provided by consumer in accordance with applicable law.
  • Direct seller obtains goods and service tax registration, permanent account number registration and all applicable trade registration and license and comply with the requirement of applicable law, rule and regulation for sale of a product.
  • Direct seller shall provide an order form at or prior to the time of initial sale.
  • Order form shall be approved by company and shall contain complete details such as name, address, registration number or enrolment number, identity proof and contact no. of the supplier.
  • It shall provide complete description of goods and services to be supplied, the country of origin of the goods, the order date, the total amount to be paid by consumer.
  • It shall also provide the time and place for inspection of the sample and delivery of goods, consumer right to cancel the order or to return the product in saleable condition.
  • Order form also provide how to avail full refund on sums paid and complete details regarding the complaint redressal mechanism of direct selling entity.


  • Orders placed by customer shall be final until customer given his consent to cancel such order at company website.
  • If customer wants to cancel their orders, then they have 24 hours’ time to intimate company and direct seller.
  • Orders placed on company website by customers are as per their requirement and free from any force or undue influence.
  • Customer should aware of all policies of company and also aware with payment methods available with him.
  • Customer shall declare that there are no fallacious information shared by company direct seller or by company.
  • . Customer shall declare that he get order form direct seller and conduct of direct seller is as per this policy.
  • Customer face product out of stock situation in that case company will provide facility to customers to add that product at their wish list and then as soon as that product available with company we notify to its customers.

Company rejects Order in the following circumstances:

  • When order placed by customer, is not a credit customer.
  • When payment for the order has not been done by the consumer.
  • Company has insufficient quantity of Products available to fulfill the Customer’s order

Amendments to this Policy

Company reserves the right to change this policy at any time. If company change this policy, it will update you the effective date and such changes will be effective upon posting. We encourage you to review the policy regularly.