Marketing and Sale Policy


This policy shall be made applicable to Bishnu Herbal India Private Limited (Herein after referred as “Company”) This company will use a variety of marketing strategies to sell its product under this policy. Marketing strategy is a method for a company to focus its limited resources on the most promising opportunities for increased sales and a long-term competitive advantage.

Internal rules, principles, and procedures assist define the most efficient means of supporting the established sales process, as well as the desired behaviour of all participants in that process, to make communication and cooperation with future or potential clients easier.


This policy applies to all marketing strategies used by the company and direct sellers to promote their products. This policy aids in the effective and efficient marketing of the company's products. This policy covers all of the company's policies and procedures for marketing its products.

Modes through which Company can do marketing

Company can advertise through various channels: -

  • Through social media
  • Through Electronic Media like TV Channels, News Channels, Radios etc.
  • Through Celebrities of any field
  • Through Print Media like Pamphlets, Key Rings, Calendars, News Papers etc.
  • Through Spots Persons
  • Through Direct Seller Meetings
  • Through Seminars
  • Through Training Sessions
  • Through Workshops
  • Through Advertisement Gadgets


Appointment of the marketing manager by the company who will approve all the communications related with marketing of the company.

Aspects involved with marketing

  • Approval by the marketing manager in case of any change
  • All the communication modes need to be approved by the marketing manager which has been primarily used by the direct seller.
  • The taglines related with the Company product need to be approved by the Board of Directors of the Company.
  • Continually review the marketing aspects and monitor them on regular basis


  • Unfair trade practices:
  • Promoting Pyramid Scheme
  • Mis-selling
  • Money circulation


Sales policy consists of internal rules, principles and procedures which help to define the efficient way of support for the established sales process, as well as the wanted behaviour of all the participants in that process, in order to ease the communication and cooperation with the future or potential clients. This policy applicable on all such order placed before company.


  • Direct seller shall provide an order form at or prior to the time of initial sale.
  • Order form contain complete detail such as name, address, registration number or enrolment number, identity proof and contact no. of the supplier.
  • It shall provide complete description of goods and services to be supplied, the country of origin of the goods, the order date, the total amount to be paid by consumer.
  • It shall also provide the time and place for inspection of the sample and delivery of goods, consumer right to cancel the order or to return the product in saleable condition.
  • Order form also provide how to avail full refund on sums paid and complete details regarding the complaint redressal mechanism of direct selling entity.
  • Direct seller shall ensure that actual product delivered to the buyer matches with the description of the product given.
  • Direct seller takes appropriate steps to ensure the protection of all sensitive personal information provided by consumer in accordance with applicable law.
  • Direct seller obtains goods and service tax registration, permanent account number registration and all applicable trade registration and license and comply with the requirement of applicable law, rule and regulation for sale of a product

Changes to this Policy

Company reserves the right to change this policy Notice at any time. If we make any modifications to this policy Notice, we will update the effective date, and the changes will take effect immediately after they are posted. We recommend that you evaluate the policy on a frequent basis.